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"It's impossible to keep up with all the constantly changing tax laws, so I won't even try to do my own taxes. My wife and I have been going  to Thorlackson for our small business and personal taxes for 13 years. We trust TJ and he is top shelf. He has so much knowledge about taxes and takes the time to seek out what could possibly affect my return.  It's definitely not a plug n play approach where you just enter in the info into the software.  A prior tax preparer missed several items on my state and federal returns, then said I needed to pay for the amended return! The money TJ saved us unbelievable."


Gary H.



"I met TJ at Thorlackson five years ago. He opened my eyes to the huge benefit of working with someone like him to help. He's such an advocate for me in navigating the bureaucracy of the IRS when I needed it, so I've been doing my business and personal taxes for five years there. TJ is a walking encyclopedia of tax laws and very funny and personable.  He provides the guidance and  makes complex situations easy to understand.  I consider him a friend and have referred many friends and colleagues over the years."


Carl B.



"TJ at Thorlackson has been doing my business and personal taxes for 15 years. He's saved me thousands of dollars over the years and I would never try to do them myself. It's a year round service too with tips as he has my best interest in mind for deductions the coming year and I call him with questions throughout the year. So much bang for the buck! He knows everything about taxes and is so much fun to work with. I have sent him at least 30 people who are also now long time customers."


Steve S.

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