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Over 30 Years of Tax Preparation Experience

We will review you last three year's returns FREE


Over the years, Tax Preparation has become more complicated than ever.  Small Businesses have been forced to deal with many new rules regarding how they report and document decuctions.  A simple error can cost a business owner thousands of dollars.  


Our Tax Preparation process includes:


1) working with each client to gather all the information necessary

2) explaining to each client what tax rules they need to be aware of

3) utilizing our 30 years of experience to prepare the forms correctly

4) working with each client to plan for the current tax year


What does this mean for you?


For many of our clients it has meant an additional refund of $3500.


Previous years?


The IRS allows for any taxpayer to go back 3 years to correct returns.  Our office will review 3 years of returns for free. 


Special tricks to get a larger refund?


Many Tax Preparers will claim they know tricks that help increase refunds.  Don't be fooled by those gimicks.  There are no magic tricks to increase your refund - EXPERIENCE in preparing the forms is the best way to maximize refunds.   


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